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Intelligible™ telecom/technology expense management provides an integrated, scalable ICT (Information and Communication Technology) solution for businesses of every size and market segment. SeeClear™ can manage and report on anything from traditional PBX-based call accounting (TMS) usage to comprehensive TEM including mobile voice, mobile data, fixed line, APN’s and Internet of Things (M2M).

SeeClear™’s solutions offer a comprehensive “ONE VIEW” approach to businesses by enabling them with the ability to manage their telecom and IT environments and associated costs. Alone or bundled, Intelligible™ modules deliver technology expense management options aimed at reducing telecom costs, clear viability and maximising staff resources and time including invoice management, payment and allocation, cost recovery and allocation reporting.

SeeClear™ further enables vendor contract management and compliance, budget management and provides consulting to assist with dispute resolution and other consulting options.

One Dashboard Rules Them All

At A Glance

  • Monitor usage and control expenses
  • Easy to use web-based
  • Reports interface with other corporate systems
  • Works for any business & enterprise of any size
  • Intelligible insight into ICT landscape
  • Supports business growth
Intelligible™ Dashboard
Monitor Usage & Control Expenses

Monitor usage & control expenses

Intelligible™ offers a robust, feature-rich web based platform which delivers complete visibility into telecom usage. In addition, Intelligible™ validates invoices, manages inventory, automates invoice approval and exception processes and allocates charges to the appropriate cost centers. Intelligible™ delivers baseline communications and automated reports to allocated stakeholders in a business-ready format.

Easy To Use Web Based Interface

Easy to use web based interface

The day-to-day operation of Intelligible™ is simple and intuitive, requiring no technical expertise. The responsive web based platform and extensive set of reports allow businesses to make faster, smarter decisions and take immediate action for runaway costs. Easy access allows businesses to control day to day tasks such as adding, removing and moving to name a few, with predetermined hierarchy for user access, all from one screen.

Works For Businesses Of Any Size

Works for businesses of any size

Powerful, scalable and secure, Intelligible™ can handle telecom portfolios of any size, it works effortlessly for multinationals with high-volume telecoms and IT landscapes as it does for small businesses with smaller telecom portfolios. It also provides multi-vendor integration with a current profile of over 100 of South Africa’s top vendors for both mobile, fixed and ICT solutions.

Supports Business Growth

Supports business growth

The system’s modular architecture supports the ongoing expansion of system functionality. Additional modules may be added as your business grows or as TEM roll-out progresses. Intelligible™ Mobile Mobile voice & data, APN’s // Intelligible™ TMS Telecom management system for PABX and multi extensions // Intelligible™ Fixed Fixed line voice & data // Intelligible™ Sim IoT – M2M sim management

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